CRUCIBLE GAMING (“CGMG”) uses “Cookies” to tailor content and marketing, and to improve and adjust user experiences. To find out more about “Cookies”, and the options available to manage them, please see below. By using this CGMG online property, you consent to our use of “Cookies”.

Welcome to CGMG’s Cookie Policy. This Cookie Policy was last updated on August 8, 2020.

Cookies & Similar Technologies

CGMG uses cookies and/or similar technologies on the Properties (collectively referred to as “Cookies”). A “cookie” is a small bit of record-keeping information that many websites and other online products and services often store on a user’s computer or device in order to identify it and associate activity with it. Cookies make the interaction between you and the website faster and easier by letting you navigate between pages efficiently, storing your preferences, and generally improving your experience of a website. For example, we use Cookies when you login to your CGMG account to keep you logged in so that every time you move to a new page on our website you do not have to reenter your login details.

For more information about our use of technologies that are similar to cookies, and your opt-out choices, please see the Similar Technologies section under Types of Cookies below.

This Cookie Policy explains how CGMG uses Cookies. CGMG may collect both personal and non-personal information from you when you use CGMG websites, products and services (“Properties”). For more information on how CGMG collects, stores, uses and may transfer or disclose your information, please see our Privacy Policy.

When visiting the Properties you can learn more about the types of Cookies collected and change your Cookie settings at any time by clicking here. We use Cookies to optimize your visit, make your browsing and/or user experience as effective as possible, and let you know about offers and features that we think will interest you. This means that if you disallow Cookies, your use of the Properties may be impaired.

Depending on the Property you are using, and the country you are based in, Cookies may be set on your computer or device by either:

CGMG – to recognize and associate activity with your computer or device when it visits a Property. CGMG Cookies cannot be used to recognize or associate activity with your computer or device when it visits other, third party websites or online properties.Third Parties – to enable third party features or functionality to be provided on or through our Properties or other online properties (e.g. advertising and analytics). The third parties that set these Cookies may be able to recognize your computer or device both when it visits the Properties or other online properties that use the third party’s features and functionality.

These Cookies will generally be either:

Session Cookies: These Cookies are only stored temporarily on your device during one browsing session or use of a Property and are then deleted from your device when the Property is closed; orPersistent Cookies: These cookies are saved on your device for a fixed period of time, when we need to know who you are for more than one use of a Property. For example, we use this type of cookie to store your preferences for your next visit to our Properties.

Types of Cookies

There are five categories of Cookies (necessary, performance, functionality, social media and advertising), as well as technologies that are similar to cookies, that may be served through our Properties. Cookies may also be set by third parties, including by social networking sites. To see a list of the specific Cookies that our Properties may contain, please see each category of Cookies below.

To learn more about your opt-out choices for cookies, please see the Managing Cookies section below. To learn more about your opt-out choices for technologies that are similar to cookies, please see the Similar Technologies section below.

CGMG may partner with third party online advertising and analytics companies to tailor and deliver advertisements, products, services, and promotions on CGMG Properties, as well as other online properties which we do not control. To help select the ads of greatest interest to you, these companies may use Cookies to collect and track information such as demographic data (e.g., gender, occupation, etc.), aggregated information, search keywords, geo-location, and device-related data (for example, browser type, language, IP address, Advertising ID, time/date) to select advertisements that are more relevant to your interests and to better personalize the experience for you. In some instances, third-parties may also use Cookies to collect anonymized or device-related information about your visits to CGMG Properties in order to monitor the effectiveness of the ads (e.g., by using analytics Cookies) and to provide third party advertisements about goods and services likely to be of greater interest to you.

CGMG may use, combine and share anonymized or aggregated information obtained from Cookies with third parties such as vendors or advertising partners. For example, we may use information such as interests or gaming preferences to group you with other people with similar interests or preferences and place you into a market segment. We may then display advertisements which we believe people in your market segment will find relevant. We may also share personal and non-personal information obtained from Cookies with third parties such as vendors or advertising networks in order to permit them to provide services on our behalf or to partner with us in selecting and serving advertisements for us or our advertising partners.

Similar Technologies

Adobe Flash Player is an application that allows sites to deploy dynamic web content. For example, we may use Flash Cookies to deliver video content to you on our Properties. Adobe Flash and similar applications use technology to remember settings, preferences, and usage in ways that are similar to browser cookies, but are managed through a different interface than your web browser. You can access your Flash management tools from directly to manage your Cookie settings.

From time to time, we may use web beacons (or clear GIFs) on our websites or other online properties or include them in the email messages we send you. Web beacons (also known as “web bugs,” “pixel tags,” or “pixels”) are small strings of code that provide a method of delivering a graphic image on a web page or in an email message for the purpose of transferring data. We use web beacons for many purposes, including site traffic reporting, unique visitor counts, advertising, email auditing and reporting, and personalization. For example, we may use these in emails to understand and analyze whether the email was opened or any links were clicked, in order to improve our future communications with you and other users. As a web beacon forms part of a webpage or email it does not have the same opt out options as other Cookies. Generally, you can render them ineffective by opting out of any cookies they set, by turning off images in your email service, or by viewing your emails as “text” rather than “HTML.” For more information on how to opt out of Cookies see the Managing Cookies and Do Not Track section below, and for more information on how to turn off images in your emails or to view them as text see the “Help” section of your email service provider.

If you would like to find out more about Cookies you may find the following link useful:

Do Not Track

California Business and Professions Code Section 22575(b) (as amended effective January 1, 2014) permits our customers who are California residents to be informed as to how CGMG responds to Web browser “Do Not Track” settings. As Do Not Track is a standard that is currently being developed, CGMG does not take actions to respond to Do Not Track settings, and instead we adhere to the standards set out in our Privacy Policy.

If you would like to find out more about Do Not Track you may find the following link useful:

Managing Cookies

You can review your options to manage Cookies by:

clicking here and managing your cookie settings;opening the “Help” menu on the browser menu bar. Most browsers will tell you how you can disable or delete Cookies or set your browser to alert you when Cookies are being sent to your computer;visiting your mobile device developer’s website or reviewing your device manual. Most mobile device developers will tell you how you can manage the settings on your mobile device to opt out of and/or delete Cookies from your mobile device, or to limit the use of and/or opt out of targeted advertising; orvisiting and/or, or if you are in the EU, for choices to opt out of advertising.

If you reject all Cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our websites and other products and services (including signing in to your CGMG account).

We may embed photos and/or video content on our Properties from third party sources such as YouTube, and these sites may set their own Cookies. Similarly, our Properties may have buttons that enable you to share content on Social Media or other sites, and these services may set a Cookie on your device. This Cookie Policy does not apply to Cookies set by such features, and CGMG does not control these Cookies set by third parties. We encourage you to review the third party privacy policy or cookie policy for more information about these Cookies and how to manage them.

Permission to Use Cookies

By using the Properties you agree, and we will assume you consent, to receive Cookies unless you manage your cookie choices by one of the means set out above.

Please also note that the use of information obtained by third party providers listed in the Types of Cookies section above through cookies placed by them is also subject to their own privacy policies. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third party providers, as their privacy practices may vary from ours. Information collected by Cookies may be associated with your registration account or user profile.