Take your Warzone experience to the next level. Our Warzone Tournaments have the first and only divisions based on Average Kills Per Game. Guaranteeing you will be playing against same skilled opponent’s every time. Along with our  Industry leading Anti Cheat with proprietary algorithms, Crucible Gaming continues to prove it is, the best Warzone Tournament site on the planet!



Trios Kill Race Warzone Tournament
Best 4 Games in 3 Hours


USE Average Kills Per Game Found In Game
Barracks>Records>Kills>Avg Kills

GOLD – Team Total Avg. Kills 9 or Less    

PLATINUM – Team Total Avg. Kills 12 or Less

Warzone Tournaments open 12 PM PST Thursday and Closes 9PM PST Monday.  


Start times begin at 12PM PST Thursday and will run every half hour until 9 PM PST Monday Night. That’s right you can start anytime in the 105 hour tournament. 

$25 or 25 CruciCredits Per Player


Unlimited Payout example based on 20 teams.

1st Place – $750.00

2nd Place – $180.00

3rd Place – $75.00

Payouts will be made on a percentage of participating teams. Payouts will also increase on a percentage bases if over the 20 team example.


1. NO CHEATING/ HACKING this includes any wall hack additional aim assistance any anything that is not included in the original version of the game.   Determined at the sole discretion of Crucible Gaming any violation will result in a forfeit or your registration fees and a life time ban.

2. NO Reverse Boosting or purposeful elimination for any means to affect KD or Lobby favor-ability.  Determined at the sole discretion of Crucible Gaming any   violation  will result in a forfeit or your registration fees and a life time ban.

3. No Smurfing or Alt accounts there needs to be a minimum 100 games on your account. If we pull your recent activity from Activision Servers and your KD during the tournament is significantly higher than what your account shows you will forfeit your registration fees and a life time ban will be enforced.   Determined at the sole discretion of Crucible Gaming

4. The Host for each game during the tournament must Stream. At the beginning of each stream the host must show their GEO location and that Crossplay is enabled live on stream. If you are the host and streaming directly from Xbox you need to reach out to a Mod or Admin on our discord channel for instructions before you play. 

5. At least one member from each team must stream for the full duration of the tournament. If a stream is interrupted proof of interruption and reason for interruption must be provided to mod immediately after you have posted results. When reporting scores please identify what stream the time stamp is from with a simple S1, S2, S3 and so on to designate. Violation of this will result in a forfeit of registration fees and DQ.

6. ALL PC PLAYERS MUST STREAM and archive their streams until final results are issued. A violation of this will result in forfeit of registration fees and DQ.

7. All Streams must be Archived until final results are verified which can take up to 72 hours. A violation of this will result in forfeit of registration fees and DQ.

8. Allowed streaming platforms are Twitch, Facebook Gaming, Mixer and YouTube.

9. Stream Title must include Team Name, (solos, duos, trios, quads),, and date

10. STREAMING REQUIREMENTS. Streams must include video and all audio. This includes but is not limited to, game audio and full team communications when feasible.  Exception to full team communication– We understand there are limitations when streaming directly from consoles. If a team consists of all console players and you are streaming directly from your console we expect the team member streaming to include their communications and they must make their best attempt to include all communications from every player on their team for the full duration of the tournament. If a team consists of all console players and are streaming through a capture card and PC all team members communications must be included. All Streams must be live no pre-recorded streams and face cam is not required. Purposeful exclusion of communication between teammates during the duration of the tournament will result in a forfeit of registration fees and a DQ.

11. Allowed Servers: All servers in the United States and Canada start times between 8AM PST and 9PM PST. UK Servers in London, England and Ireland start times between 8AM PST and 2PM PST or 4PM GMT and 10PM GMT. 

12. Banned Servers: All servers are allowed in our international tournament only.

13. Check In: Teams chose a start time when they register for the tournament. Teams are required to check in on our website 30 minutes before their start time submitted at registration. You check in on our website on the check in page. A link can be found in our #check-in-link channel. Start times can be changed any time before your scheduled start time by contacting a mod on Discord. You will then be required to check in at least 30 minutes before the revised start time.

14. Reporting Scores: All scores must be reported no later than 3 hours and 30 minutes from scheduled start time. Teams that do not post on time will be disqualified. Scores are reported at

15. In order to receive payouts you must be 18 years of age or if you are between the ages of 13-17 you will need to provide written parental consent. Proof of age or consent will be required in order to receive payouts. If Parental consent is not given it will result in a forfeit of your registration fees and DQ for the entire team.

16. Banned Players Any team that registers or tries to compete with a banned player. Will be banned as well and will forfeit registration fees.

17. Warzone Companion Banned. Until it is available for all platforms PC, Play Station and Xbox Warzone Companion will not be allowed in our tournaments. If and when it is available on all platforms admins will re-evaluate this rule.

Industry Leading ANTI-Cheat

Between our proprietary algorithm and full time Verification Staff if you cheat be prepared for a life time ban and your other competitor’s thank you for your donation!



Easily register for one of our 40+ tournaments that best fits your squads skill level.


Take 30 seconds to check in with your squads KD’s, Activision id’s and Stream URL’s


Now it is up to you and your squad make sure to have fun, do work and take home the $$$$$$$


Once you have Fragged OUT all that is left is to report your scores and see how you stacked up!

Player Testimonials

A little taste of what the players have to say about our tournaments.

Amazing first experience! Best platform to test your skill and compete. Once again thanks to crucible gamings crew”

Vaniko Okruashvili

One of the best ran tourney sites. Extra steps at the beginning for PC players that ensure they mitigate cheating. People who want a chance to win some money and have fun this is it. Legit group.”

Dustin Steen

I love being able to jump into Verdansk with the Dogg# on weekends anytime from 10am to 11pm CST and have the option to play in their tournys with the open scheduling. everyone one that is part of their staff is absolutely amazing and very very helpful  # cruciblegmg

Joshua Slater

Where do I start….. me and my team have played in a few tournaments now won a couple of them and didn’t have any issues.

1. By far the most fair site I have played on

2. Help is right there on discord and easy to get a hold of.

3. They hate cheaters and have a great team that verifies the results.

4. It’s one big family and a great community to be a part of.

5. Daily tournaments and a wide variety of them

Guys and gals if you want a great experience look no further join up with crucible gaming and become part of the fam”

Anthony Boroff


Each Kill Is Worth 1 Point

1st Place – Points x 2

2nd – 5th Place – Points x 1.75

6th – 15th Place – Points x 1.5

16th – Last Place – Points x 1

Example: Game 1 Kills = 10 | Game 1 Placement 1st Place | Game 1 Total Points = 20


  • Step 1: Make sure all teammates are properly registered before scheduled start time.
  • Step 2: Check your team in. We suggest checking in at least 30 mins before your start time so you are not rushed.
  • Step 3: Turn on Console or PC and load Game.
  • Step 4: Host must start stream along with all PC players before scheduled start time.
  • Step 5: Make sure all streams are set to archive.
  • Step 6: Host and all players must have Crossplay Enabled.
  • Step 7: Prepare yourself to record kills and placement of each game you want to count. We suggest grabbing a pen and piece of paper and record each game between matches.
  • Step 8: Start game play on the hour of your scheduled start time. Please make sure to frag out, have fun and please don’t break anything.
  • Step 9: Report scores on time. You have 2 hours and 59 minutes to Queue your last game but your scores need to be in no later than 3 hours and 30 minutes after your scheduled start time.